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Review of Nature's Heart Concert, July 2011

Visitors to Nature’s Heart concert experienced an enchanting evening of peace in the beautiful setting of Pure Land Japanese Garden

Natures Heart Concert on July 23rd at Pure Land awakened the audience's mind with the theme “The Spiritual age has begun”.

Maitreya performed his songs with his soft voice pleasing the audience. He says his album can change the world.

In his talk he emphasised “materially orientated way of life has never brought peace and happiness to the world. It is time to change the direction of life and lead a more spiritually orientated way of life, and that would be achieved by self awakening in each one of us”. The way he advocates is simple meditation, “sit and be”, he says it is simple but it is the highest form of meditation. “BE is LIFE. LIFE is the truth, hence ‘Sit and Be’, you are there, you are your real self. As you change your self you change your life, as you change your life, you change your world, that is spiritual evolution. It is silent revolution within human being but would change the world. It is spiritual evolution of man that would lead spiritual revolution on Earth”.

“Simple, yet profound, Maitreya’s words create an opening to self realisation. They point us to a natural place of stillness, our true nature which is brimming with gratitude and wonder of life. When one realises that what we are is not separate but one with nature, we are life itself, we are love”

At Nature’s Heart concert words of peace and love flowed through each song performed so passionately by Maitreya. Starting with the delightful Beautiful day, a song about the simple pleasure of enjoying time in the garden, a feast for our senses, spending time, enjoying just a beautiful day.

Angela and Victor in the audience commented:

We enjoyed the concert very much and the “Beautiful day” song has been going around my mind ever since – definitely a consciousness shift!

In between the songs from his album Maitreya gave talks, recited his own poetry and led the audience in meditation. Since the previous Nature’s Heart concert in January, Maitreya has been inspired to write a lot of poignant Haiku poetry, which he shared with the audience, including subjects such as the devastating Tsunami and the impact of the severe winter on Pure Land.

An opportunity to experience what Maitreya teaches can be realised through meditation. A special element of the concert was an invitation by Maitreya to join him in meditation both before and after the interval. As the audience moved in to stillness and peace, enjoying the moment to just SIT and BE, birdsong filled the air, accompanied by the swaying of the tress in the soft breeze, as the evening sun illuminated everything in the garden. What else to do than just sit and be, at one with all life, enjoying a magical evening of peace, thanks to Maitreya.

Review of Nature's Heart concert held on Sunday, 16th January 2011 at the Albert Hall in Nottingham, 3pm to 6pm.

This uplifting afternoon spent with Maitreya included a mixture of songs, wisdom and poetry and some meditation for the audience to experience stillness and to just 'Sit and Be', with advice how to meditate and the benefits this can bring.
Maitreya began the afternoon concert with a talk explaining the materialistic way of life that the human race has been engaged in up to now has never brought peace and happiness to the world, but only brought destruction, conflict and suffering. Only by awakening the truth in our self and taking a spiritually oriented way of life can we change the world and fulfill the purpose of human existence on Earth. And now so many people are ready for this, which he calls the "Spiritual Revolution of Man".
The essence of what Maitreya teaches is 'Sit and Be', a simple but direct approach to the truth 'LIFE' which becomes all nature, all creation and all beings. 
Each segment of wisdom was followed by his mesmerising songs that contain his teachings, he sings with such passion inspiring the audience to be swept away with the message his words bring.
His first song was Beautiful Day, which is about a tea break in the garden surrounded by beautiful blue skies, cherry blossom, birds singing and the light breeze.
Following this the audience were treated to some of Maitreya's Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry consisting of 3 lines, the first line of 5 words followed by 7 on the next and then 5 on the final line. Part of writing haiku is paying attention to the day's surprises – the 'awe' that is usually passed by without notice. The act of creating a haiku is the act of a focusing our attention more closely than we might otherwise do.The audience were delighted the with his poems about the beauty of nature and oneness and included messages about the earth, the sun and meditation.
More songs, wisdom and poetry flowed and the afternoon seemed to fly past. Maitreya performed the rest of the songs from his Album Nature's Heart with Musical Arrangements by Snake Davis and recorded at the Extreme Music Studio in Newark, including:-

What you Love is What you are
The Most Beautiful Thing
Loving is Living
During the afternoon we heard about Maitreya's upbringing and life in Japan, a blissful childhood followed by his difficult teens when he began a desperate search for truth which first led him to Christianity. But the church's approach could not give him the direct experience of Jesus that he was looking for and so he turned to meditation with the hope of personal contact with the truth. And so it was that he found himself on a week's meditation course for lay people at a monastery one summer where he had the experience 'Enlightenment' through his total sacrifice and dedication that was to firmly lay down the foundations for his life as a meditation teacher. In the moment of 'Enlightenment', he saw the absolute perfection and beauty intrinsic in all things and all beings, the essence of Life.


Through his songs, talks and poetry, Maitreya really connected with the audience and the hall was filled with a peaceful yet powerful energy. 

Sarah who came to the concert from Lincoln said:-

"His insight into the pure beauty of the universe made me feel so much joy at all the wonderful gifts nature offers us every day and that we do not appreciate.  He has opened my heart, eyes and mind to the glorious wonders of nature and life and the path to true happiness.
His wise words, music and poetry exude love and showed me the way to live my life through love and peace.  And during the concert he inspired me to write a poem - something that I have never ever done before!"
There were about 200 people in the Hall soaking up the atmosphere and at the time of meditation there was not one sound, just pure stillness.
Following the success of this his second concert Maitreya would like to take his teaching to London and would like to appear at the Royal Albert Hall or the London Palladium, however look out for a future date at the Palace Theatre in Newark and you will also be able to see Maitreya performing again with a concert to be held in his garden Pureland in North Clifton, nr Newark, on Saturday 23rd July 2011 at 5pm. Surrounded by his stunning garden, what a special place to hear his beautiful words of peace and wisdom.

- Fiona Thomas
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